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Fior is an artist based in the United States. Born Zoe Fioravanti, FIOR has been drawn to music from a young age and began creating music as a teenager, when she started writing her own lyrics and making beats on her computer. Her sleek, beat-driven, pop-infused music contains elements of funk, soul, disco, and rock that pair with her lush, agile vocals.

Alongside her recent foray into releasing music, FIOR was featured on a 2021 Playboy Australia cover alongside G-Eazy, and has graced a number of additional covers including ELLE Arabia, L’Officiel Arabia, Glamour Bulgaria, and more.


FIOR’S distinct, self-taught style was influenced by Billy Joel, Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Michael Jackson. Gifted a toy piano by her dad, a tour manager for bands in the 90s, FIOR learned to play by ear at just 8 years old. As a teenager, she began writing her own lyrics and making beats on her computer. Along the way, she developed her characteristic vocal tone, blending husky alto vibrato with a uniquely soulful timbre. When the 2020 pandemic forced the world into quarantine, FIOR began sharing her music, spending 2021 developing a catalog of original records.

YOYO (You’re On Your Own) is a summer-ready disco-funk track with a bright and memorable hook that highlights FIOR’s rich and soulful vocals. Driven by a heavy-hitting 90’s-inspired bassline, produced by the legendary Scott Storch, the infectious record celebrates the freedom of moving on and cements FIOR’s status as a star on the rise. The track is accompanied by a colorful video directed by Alfredo Flores (Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Selena Gomez) that sees FIOR and her friends dancing and hanging out at a skate park, who are keeping their eye on a particular mysterious skater.

The release of “YOYO comes fresh off the heels of “Let Me Go, FIOR’s defiant anthem decrying toxic cycles that served as the singer-songwriter’s debut single. Since its January 2022 release, the music video has amassed over 150K views watch the video HERE. Both tracks will be featured on FIOR’s forthcoming debut EP out later this year. About the track, FIOR says “These last two years have been so crazy but I feel like summer is now officially back and I’m going to make this one a year to remember!

On stage, she is known as Moniker FIOR, which means both flower and truth, fiercely independent artist Zoe Fioravanti makes sleek, beat-driven, pop-infused music with elements of funk, soul, disco, and rock. There’s a modern, atmospheric quality to her sound, where trap beats and symphonic swells provide a rich textural backdrop for her lush, agile vocals. Inspired by real-life, her lyrics celebrate the kind of vulnerability that leads to strength, encouraging listeners to accept emotions and embrace the importance of speaking your mind.

Fior works best on Alternative rock, Beats, Chill hip-hop, Dance music, Dance-pop, Disco, Funk, Pop rock, Pop soul, R&B, Singer-songwriter, Soul Catchy, Dancing, Good vibes, Groovy, Unique, Mainstream, Original, Upbeat, Available on Spotify, Early project, International potential, & Young talents.


Instagram: http://instagram.com/zoefioravanti/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1blZgERnZAEhwyTtwRydHV?si=SbUUr6zVTbeGg7SHhpO7KA


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