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François Fougère is a French Singer, Song-Writer, and Producer and was brought into the world by two groups of Art-Painters and by two Comedian and Song-Writer guardians. François is a talented cabinet at school ... He is accustomed to hearing Classical and Jazz Music on the family turntable.

In 1964, his dad (Daddy) brought a Beatles EP, for Mummy, it's the Devil at Home! François Fougère started to compose his melodies in the ‘70s. In 1976, he meets Michel Berger, to propose to him a delineated Booklet for: 'Emilie or the Little Mermaid of 76'.


François Fougère is indeed very creative in turning stories and dramas into songs.

In 2009, François Fougère met Jocelyne Beroard. In 2011, a chorus came to his mind. Later, He wrote the whole song. And in 2014, it came to be the object of my first Single. Jocelyne has been touched at heart to receive this tribute! François Fougère released the song “Jocelyne” in French and English Versions at the same time.

François Fougère never told himself: ‘I’m going to write a song about Jocelyne’, but the song came little by little to his mind ... But meeting Jocelyne Beroard was a great and special joy to him because she is a true and authentic person. Jocelyne Beroard is a heartwarming person, for example, when his mother passed away in 2013,

Jocelyne wrote a message to me ... And she did the same when his father passed away in 2014. Jocelyne Beroard is a Great Lady!

The Kassav Group are Ambassador of the Creole Language, and they are pedagogues of this language. For example, in their Albums, you may find the Creole Text and the Translation beside. So they explain it to you, they teach you their language.

And they are also open-minded to other Creole Languages and to all Kinds of Music and Culture! ... They are Very Nice People! ... He began to release his discography with Zimbalam from 2014 to 2016. And recently he had to transfer it to TuneCore.

So has been adjusting all the mixes and he made the Covers new.

François Fougère works best on Pop soul Authentic, Dancing, Meaningful lyrics, Melodic, Positive, Available on Spotify, Composer, On stage experience, Strong social media presence, & Unsigned artist.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/francois.fougere/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/70RnaDwkCLuSQphCH1941K?si=dPpKOn2JSLaUZCh0oA0Mlg

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