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Graffiti Welfare is an artist, and self-producer at home as a personal project for 5 years before being mastered by The Wheelhouse Studio in Golden, Colorado, Revolving Shores is a cosmic washing machine of pop nostalgia for the wandering soul.

Featured his late grandmother and oldest brother on the cover, this record materialized as creative therapy while he was staring down his 30s and trying to finish my thesis. The result? An unexpected outlet for gratefulness in the face of anxiety, loss, and fear of the unknown.

From ambient to electronic, from minimalistic pop to hyperbolic psychedelic, introspection explores the shores of the shared subconscious before turning skyward. Who knows where you'll wake up next? Rinse, float, repeat. Label: Milleville Music Mastering: The Wheelhouse Studio.


This 2nd single “Just Follow” is a smooth, synthy psychedelic red-carpet vibe with iridescent lead guitar & deep vocal hooks. Some Pink Floyd, Tame Impala, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra influence here, without a doubt.

*The track will be released with a music video: May 6th, 2022.

Picture yourself watching fireworks exploding somewhere out in the sky over the ocean as you stroll barefoot down the beach at night. You're alone, and lost, but then you wake up to colors wandering in through your window, illuminating faded memories of family trips to the beach, & backlighting those dears that came before.

OnTheSceneNY Feedback: This track will be released May 6th 2022. We are watching out.

Graffiti Welfare works best on Alternative rock, Ambient, Chill-out, Dream pop, Electronica, Electronic rock, Electro-pop, Electro swing, Experimental electronic, Indie pop, Lo-fi bedroom, Minimal, Neoclassical, Pop rock, Progressive pop, Psychedelic pop, Psychedelic rock, Synth-pop, Synthwave, Techno Authentic, Catchy, Chill, Creative, Curious, Dark, Downbeat, Eccentric, Eclectic, Energetic, Engaged, Experimental, Fusion, Good vibes, Groovy, Unique, Indie, Lo-fi, Meaningful lyrics, Mainstream, Melancholic, Melodic, Mid-tempo, Dreamy, Original, Positive, Provocative, Psych, Relax, Surprising, Tropical, Underground, Strong universe, Upbeat, & Weird.

Available on Spotify, Composer, International potential, Supported artist, Upcoming project, & Young talents.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/graffiti_welfare/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/73UZpUQqutfyiTjQXwst8j?si=PxRFeeFVR1GhSWYF2lVWYw

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