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Lotus eBless Ricardo is an artist from Spain. Lotus eBless embarks on his own lyrics in a different way.

Every single line he wrote, he desired to translate it into English for everyone, everywhere at any time! This means something like, Just Growing Good Vibes. If you let him explain, he just came from a year where a Youtube platform has been his initiative process to being an Artist. He just started his own Studio with a few colleagues where they do things their own way.

Lotus eBless has always been working hard and moving things forward in order to challenge themselves to develop their ownessence. This year, they have learned to produce things by themselves, doing some previews on all of their projects. Thats because he wants to show everyone his “demo”, and this year appears a label, where he was working hard during another year.

Lotus eBless and his team are working hard and have been able to create more than 30 tracks. The focus is to continue their studio works to be able to translate, mix and produce a master tape with lyrics included.

Something that will always shine in music is the soul. That spirit in the music makes it connect with you on a spiritual level, as you feel something in the music that is real and sticks with you like no other. That element to the music has long been the special touch that has made people, lifelong fans of a song as well as the artist behind the music, and Lotus eBless delivers that type of music with his new song “NASA”.

Starting with NASA, next one is that is coming in a couple of days is MEDIDAS. All these projects will always have a lyric translated, covering both dimensions of this life, but never split from his perspective, being able to be on an English or Spanish mindset.

Lotus eBless works best on Afrobeat, Arabic music, Asian music, Beats, Caribbean music, Chill hip-hop, Chill-out, Dancehall / Reggaeton, Hip-hop, Instrumental, Instrumental hip-hop, International rap, Latin music, Oriental music, R&B, Singer-songwriter, Synth-pop, Synthwave Authentic, Creative, Curious, Energetic, Good vibes, Unique, Lo-fi, Meaningful lyrics, Melodic, Original, Positive, Simple, Tropical, Underground, Available on Spotify, Composer, Unsigned artist, Upcoming project, & Young talents.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lotusebless/?hl=es



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