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LRMS is an artist and urban pop band formed by Louis Romao and Margot Soria. Film orchestrations, urban rhythms, and protean texts form the basis of this duo. Louis composes and arranges, and Margot gives substance to his texts and his compositions with her voice of a suave and "auto-tune squeak" precision.

Margot Soria is a singer. Graduated from the Regional and Departmental Conservatory of Bobigny in Vocal Jazz and from the CRR of Montpellier in Contemporary Dance, she is a regular on the stage, obsessed with vocal harmonies. Singer for 3 years in the urban choir "Sankofa Unit", she had the opportunity to accompany artists like Shaka Ponk, Shy'm, Hélène Ségara, Laurent Voulzy, Matthieu Chedid, Marc Lavoine and Dedrick Bonner in venues like Bercy, The Trianon, the Olympia, the Ice Palace, the Grand Rex. She also performs on television shows such as The Voice, Taratata, 300 Choeurs, Alcaline or L'Eurovision and is spotted by the Belgian electro group The Wickeed who offers her to put her voice on the title "From The Top" during their live promotion for the Label "Club Riviera".

Louis Romao is a songwriter born in 1993 in the Paris region. The young musician of Franco-Portuguese origin has been forging his sonic and literary identity since childhood. He learned the piano very early and perfected his learning at the CIM in Paris, with renowned musicians such as Michel Valera (guitarist of Henri Salvador from 1989 to 1995), and developed his knowledge of computer music and vocal writing at school.

The LRMS fusion of sound spaces is at the heart of this project, in the search for a balance between rap, French song, and electro, where poetry comes to meet rhythms straight from Atlanta in a mixture of trap-house and orchestrated French variety. This is their first single called FEU accompanied by a music video, which will be officially released on May 13, 2022 (followed by our debut album, June 3, 2022).


Louis Romao handles words as well as sounds. From the top of his 28 years, he has already won several prizes in the biggest poetry competition of the Francophonie "Poetry in Freedom" and has collaborated since the end of his studies on numerous documentaries and commercials, for France Television. Inspired by composers such as Joe Hisaishi, Hans Zimmer, Alexandre Desplat and Yoko Shimomura, he develops an orchestral style imbued with nostalgic poetry and Hollywood power, polymorphous and consistent in all his productions. Today, the two form a colorful duo that promises to be as powerful vocally as they are musically. Between urban orchestra and electro poetry, LRMS has found the right recipe for a very first joint EP.

LRMS works best on Electro-pop, Nouvelle scene, French rap, & Urban pop.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lrms.music/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2P9wN49BSfVWhDo5x1IION

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