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Margot Kurtis is an artist based in France. Margot Kurtis is part of the new scene of electro-pop with a touch of urban pop.

Margot Kurtis was inspired by her experience, Margot Kurtis writes about her personal life and shares doubts and 'clichés' she ran into. Each song is like a page of her own private diary. She shares what she would have loved to say or hear.


Being a musician is to truly be an artist. Be creative with your words and instruments to bring a vision to life, like a painter with a brush on a canvas. That wizardry in the audio makes the listener follow along for the journey. That type of music is special, as it lets the mind wander to the sound and that shines bright on Margot Kurtis new song “4 ans plus tard”.

Margot Kurtis works best on Electro-pop, Nouvelle scene, & Urban pop.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/margot_kurtis

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/23Axch65AJ0GRjQLGCSaOA?si=5VhD--plT--AcP6ZzZVGNQ

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