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Matteo is really an artist based in France. Matteo is a DJ, producer and co-founding member of the group Chinese Man. Matteo shares his time between France, South America, India and Turkey. With a hip-hop and electro signature, he merges sounds from the past with refreshing gems of today.

Since his first album "Scaglia", released in 2018, Matteo has been producing,
composing and preparing new projects with a wide range of colors and musical styles. His latest EP project "Home" released in February 2022, produced during and between the various lockdowns, illustrates the union of these different universes. We will find on his EP the Swiss rapper KT Gorique, the Nigerian MC AYLO, or the English rapper Illaman.

"Matteo & Bro" was built around artistic encounters. Initially launched in
early 2020 alongside 4 musicians, this new project aims to confront electronic music and jazz.

Matteo also composes music for films and shows, namely for "Nouveau Monde" and "Dernier appel" written and directed by Vincent Cappello (respectively in post-production and in production at the moment), as well as the show "Le livre Muet" by Lamine Diagne played at the Théâtre National de la Criée in Marseille.

SWEET SHADOWS ft. Isadora” was released on 05/13/22 as a track both soft and suave, just like Isadora's voice. Tinged with R&B and soul, the enveloping melody and rhythm evoke movement, the transitions of life. Matteo said "He wanted a track that speaks of love and memories, of what resonates after spending time with someone, within the body, the emotions, the mind; of the soft imprint we choose to keep from a past relationship”.

Isadora is another lady artist in collaboration with Matteo. Isadora graduated in Jazz singing in Brussels, Isadora then dedicates herself to pop/new soul and releases her first EP in February 2020. In September 2021, the release of her single "Honey" announces a new phase. At the same time, she performs in various jazz clubs and opens up to other artistic horizons such as musical theater, participating in the show of
Melanie Laurent "The Last Testament" in Liege, and replacing An Pierlé in "Silvia" by Fabrice Murgia for a tour in France.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matteo.prod/?hl=fr

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1BIstgCvSej0qux7NXoorb

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