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PRINCESS GROOVE is an artist based in France. PRINCESS GROOVE is a Poet singer, and songwriter. PRINCESS GROOVE lives in Reunion Island close to Madagascar. She has released 2 reggae albums.

 PRINCESS GROOVE’s 1st album called “Happy” (2018) was recorded in Kingston Jamaica in the Grafton Studio with the famous band The Uprising Roots. The second is called “BETTER DAYS” (2022) and was created in collaborations with the wonderful Keyboard Serge Racol, the big artist Arnaud Delgoulet, the incredible Earl China Smith, and his band, and the famous drummer and singer Kush Mac Anuff.

An extract of this second album “BETTER DAYS” is already available on several digital platforms. PRINCESS GROOVE does also some sung poetry; she's got a big stage experience and plays with some big musicians. The song “BETTER DAYS" is short and full of energy. Enjoy it, dance to it, and sing with me on a feminine and sexy reggae tune!

PRINCESS GROOVE works best on Bossa nova, & Reggae.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/princess_groove_reggae/?hl=fr

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/track/1w5E1C82ojzJp7TVcScHDC?si=75332cbc266144b0

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