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Sam Kays is an artist who travels between Canada, France, and the United States. He is a traveling artist. Sam Kays, lover of the American Hip Hop culture, started his young career in 2019.


Sam Kays is highly influenced by an Artist called Anglo-Saxon. He is a fan of musical exploration, the Paris native is not afraid to take risks. His calm and thoughtful personality combined with a growing talent a piercing voice and a unique tone make him a prime candidate for the future of international hip hop.

Sam Kays signed up for his 1st project, which is a result of a work that began in 2020. The artist with Anglo-Saxon Hip Hop influences, benignant in this culture for many years, has finally transformed the test.

The project "BLUE MOON", the title indicating the unique and rare character of the character (like a Blue Moon), is a coherent and relevant emotional condensation. The "Big Eight" effect of the songs of the EP oscillating between powerful sweetness, doubts, and sadness shows the musical versatility of the character.

The collaborators, whether in Featuring or different producers, have been strategically chosen to provoke this sensation. It is obviously an imperfect project, but despite everything, his Soul is well present in this one, this notion was essential to him to be able to succeed in the first drawing, to be able to finally, present itself on the scene of the world hip-hop.

The 4th track of his EP: BLUE MOON. When we talk about a song to put in the car at night, to free yourself from your thoughts, he presents “MIRROR”. The bewitching instrumental, the calm tone, the posed vocals, and the catchy refrains create this bubble in which we want to escape.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samkays_music/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6QuEMaZHrIyuz3DYJKbX3s


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