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SARAH MANSOUR is an artist and R&B Soul specialist whose dreamy harmonies will leave you feeling sensual and nostalgic. Her music is the type of Niche R&B soul for everyone. SARAH MANSOUR is a Lebanese-American artist who’s been singing ever since she can remember.

SARAH MANSOUR confirmed that a lot of what she writes is inspired by her time in Los Angeles and the piece of her found as an American. Having grown in Lebanon, the war torn country has been her base to create her music which is meant for the international scene. "When You Call", is my debut single and it is only the beginning.

She finds it hard to label herself in a one-dimensional way because she loves all art and sees them as interconnected. Though she spent her entire life performing and recording, SARAH MANSOUR took a break from music when she decided to study film production and become a director.


Upon returning to Beirut after living in LA, she found herself devastated by the tragedies that swept up her country overnight. During that pretty much the hardest time of her life, SARAH MANSOUR started writing music again and this time, she found her sound. That’s when she decided to record her debut single,When You Call”.

To best describe her music, it is a niche R&B-Soul for everyone. Whether you’re a Gen-Z or a Baby Boomer, she feel like you could still listen to her music and find something nostalgic in there somewhere. Her musical identity is driven by Jazz, Soul, R&B, and the Blues. She look up to women like Erykah Badu and Sade - these are incredible artists who exuded so much love and so much sass in their music. She hope to channel their divine feminine energy into the music she writes.

 “When You Call is a song about what it means to release toxic attachments or habits from your life and focus on self-love, growth, and introspection. She wrote it during an important transition in her life where she felt the need to disconnect and nurture herself in order to meditate on her place in this world and re-examine what it is that she can offer.

SARAH MANSOUR works best on Dream pop, R&B, Soul Catchy, Chill, Downbeat, Groovy, Dreamy, Relax, Sensual, Composer, Early project, On stage experience, International potential, Strong social media presence, & Upcoming project.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarahdmansour/?hl=en

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