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Eddie Nolann is an artist, singer and musician from multiples influences directed by emotions in a smooth universe but sometimes in an easy pop style. a personality accorded to this different musical styles between shyness and a big smile.

Eddie Nolann is truly a writer, composer, performer, arranger, comedian and dancer. Eddie is a complete artist. After starting his career in the south of France, the singer is well known in the region of Lyon thanks to its major role in the Cirque Imagine shows.

After performing in different orchestras and theaters, he went on tour across Europe and became a backing vocalist for many world famous artists. Since 2012 Eddie Nolann performs in various Musicals and Plays exploiting in turn all aspects of his art.

After having performed for more than 300,000 people he is now ready to share his own universe and creations! In 2021, Eddie Nolann joins «Nightbutterfly the musical» , staged by Sabrina Fiorelli very well reviewed by public. In this musical, he does’nt just sing: he dances and plays comedy. Eddie is clearly a complete artist.

After the successful tracks: THE FALL, APHRODITE, HIGH, and SUPERNATURAL, Eddie Nolann continues to enchant us with his voice and release this month “BRIGHT SIDE”.

Through this new creation evoking a story of seduction far from lockdowns and the atmosphere of the past year, Eddie invites us to reconnect with the lightness of life and rediscover contact with the others.

With this title, Eddie Nolann spreads happiness. Inspired by Prince, Maroon 5, Muse and DNCE, this song is a refreshing and positive anthem. For the occasion, Eddie Nolann was not alone. This music is written and composed by Eddie, Augustin Sécula, Melvin Bouamar and Loic Rouviere too.

Many new projects are on their way: a video clip, a new track featuring another French Singer, and a new single for the months to come. For sure, his fabulous voice will continue to make us dream in 2022.

Eddie Nolann works best on Chill out, Dance music, Dance pop, Electropop, International pop, Synthpop


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eddienolann

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3L42TTi6goUg2Yzjse7Zqf?si=-xuRBoIuTX66rj1JPO1_zQ

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