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Emma Goldwings is a Franco-Israeli singer-songwriter based in Tel Aviv — a universe away from the life she led a decade ago. Back then, Emma was an IT consultant in a large firm in Paris. Serious business. But she knew she needed more, and took a chance on a musical comedy workshop that, as all good stories go, changed her life. Emma Goldwings discovered her voice — a strong, mysterious, beautiful thing — and began performing at countless open stages across Paris.

A stirring performance at Saint Michel sparked her inspiration to record and self-produce her first EP, Singing My Mood. In her songs and in life, Emma is a woman of paradoxes: between tradition and modernity, strength and fragility.

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Emma Goldwings’s  music shares her duality: playful and catchy pop, anchored by deeply emotional and spiritual lyrics. Don’t try to pin her to one style or genre — she slides between them. Her music is marked by the places she’s called home: Paris and its poetic lyricism; London and its brash rock culture; the faith and beauty of Jerusalem; the festive vibes of seaside Tel Aviv.


Emma Goldwings writes and sings in French, English and Hebrew — sometimes within the same song — and fuses rock, folk, electro and pop into something wholly unique, and impossible to forget. But it’s her voice that unifies all these sounds — when Emma Goldwings sings, you know she means it.

That all the pain and vulnerability and joy coming through your speakers are real. They’re hers, and they’re yours. In 2022, Emma came back with a collection of new original songs and more collaborations.

Emma Goldwings works best on International pop Authentic, Catchy, Contemporary, Creative, Good vibes, Meaningful lyrics, Original, Surprising, Available on Spotify, Composer, On stage experience, International potential, & Unsigned artist.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emma_goldwings/

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/1g5mcvmAaGjbNit2rmbCeJ


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