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HNRY ST real name is Leigh Russell and is an independent artist/producer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia.


DNT (feat. Dorah)” is his third release and first collaboration n with Brazilian singer/songwriter, Dorah. The track was born out of listening to a lot of Pop/EDM at the time while experimenting with Bass synth. The track is modeled on traditional pop with an EDM twist.

Leigh Russell, also known as HNRY ST, has been an Australian music producer, songwriter, artist, and owner of the label HNRY ST MZK based in Melbourne. HNRY ST infuses curiosity and a true love of music into contemporary sounds –


HNRY ST’s upcoming debut release, 1NLV, is a new branch of his work to bring
something fresh to the scene. HNRY ST said I’m so excited to put this track out into the world. It’s, I think, the second or third track I worked on as HNRY ST. The build-up and energy in it are just crazy, especially when it’s played loud AF! Can’t wait for people to hear it”. My music is different because it is mine. And by mine, I mean that it’s music I love, I have an affinity for and could listen to all day. I don’t make music that I think people will like, or what might be popular in a moment of time. My ear naturally gravitates to what I like (old and new) and it more often than not creates inspiration for my next project”.

 HNRY ST’s Background:

Having completed an Audio Engineering Course with SAE in 1999, HNRY ST has been
a bedroom producer tinkering away with beats and ideas ever since. He had a short-
lived podcast in 2019 (Beatwurx Podcast) where he interviewed industry professionals
about the music industry from a producer standpoint, which proved invaluable for his
own production.

So, he has been spending the last 18 months working with incredibly talented artists
putting a catalogue of music together. In that time HNRY ST has learned a lot about

collaboration and working with people in the industry (the good and the bad). It has
been a period of growth and discovery of how to stretch himself creatively in terms of
not only his production but also his songwriting and arrangements.

In the Creative Process, he truly love how creating music makes me feel. There is something so exhilarating about sitting with a pair of headphones on, listening to something that you have created. Even if it is only in the early stages of a song - a simple chord progression and a quirky synth or a funky bass line with a guitar sample and basic beat.

Dedication to craft, belief and true enjoyment combines to create an incredible amount
of excitement and continues to do so no matter how many times you listen to HNRY
ST’s music. Strangely, he found himself becoming a fan of the music in a weird kind of way. He had genuine moments when he thought to himself – how he was able to put all these together!

With a string of releases scheduled for 2022, it‘s going to be an exciting time for HNRY ST.

HNRY ST works best on Dance music, Dance pop, Electro-pop Catchy, Dancing, Energetic, Good vibes, Indie, Available on Spotify.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hnryst_mzk/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3EvKqlhTC5f1JOTSX0lPo7?si=O9audk-eQ7iqe7Vx0cXm7g

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