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ILLACAT is an artist based in the United States. ILLACAT is an Arizona native and mysterious.

ILLACAT’s sound has a classic hip-hop/alternative rock style. His flow is grimy, hardcore, and cutting edge. Follow him and be on the lookout for his new EP titled Civil-unrest which will be released digitally this summer.

The making of engaging music gets tougher by the day. With so many different songs coming out daily, it’s tough to make something that stands out from what people have heard already. To stand out the music has to be truly captivating. A commanding sound that’s impossible to ignore. That’s what you get from ILLACAT for every second on their new song “Coast 2 Coast”.


Coast 2 Coast” is a new school track with an old-school vibe. It's something to bob your head to while traveling. ILLACAT said:  I'm looking to have this track added to worldwide playlists, movie soundtracks, and any place else it will fit.

ILLACAT works best on Afrobeat, Dubstep, Experimental jazz, Funk, Grime, Hip-hop, Rap in English, & Soul.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrsouthwestcoast/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6HgXdRdszLMKvon904A3qe?si=eV2N73-DQ3-92IAehL0dEQ&nd=1

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