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Kelvin Evans is an artist based in the United States. Kelvin Evans is Saxophonist and is back with his new original "Groove Talk" a very nice groove with a lot of soul.

Ideally, music connects for many reasons, especially when you’re able to hear the emotion in it. Those records are packed with great substance musically while being met with the great soul being put into the music to make you feel the many intricacies of the music. When you get that type of music it’s a true experience and that’s what you get from Kelvin Evans on the new song “Groove Talk”.

Kelvin set out to make a nice dance track that people can step and groove to. "Groove Talk” is the first single off Kelvin's album titled "The Journey". Play and listen attentively.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saxman314/


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