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Kelvin Evans is an artist based in the United States. Kelvin Evans is a Saxophonist who has mixed the perfect blend of R&B and jazz with his single “Spend The Night” Ft the very soulful singer Lynita Renea.

Honestly, when hearing new music, we all expect to hear something fresh. Something different than the usual, as you hope to discover something that you’ve never heard, but everything you hoped to hear when hitting play. That’s one of the funniest parts of music, getting a chance to hear something incredible that will stick with you. Kelvin Evans has that type of music with his new song “Spend The Night”.

Kelvin Evans
set out to make a nice dance track that people can step and groove to. “Spend The Night” is a sexy jazzy song to put on when you’re getting ready for a night on the town with your special someone. Play and listen attentively.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saxman314/


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