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Alex Leon is an artist and no stranger when it comes to experimental sounds of R&B. His unorthodox flow creates a mysterious aura attracting a diverse base of listeners. Originally from Miami, Florida, artist Alex Leon stage name is “L3o” who goes above and beyond to create a unique and tasteful sound.

A song that is always enjoyable is a song with a fresh sound. Not only a fresh sound but a sound with pure emotion that connects in a way most records due to the authenticity in the approach, as well as the chances were taken in the music. With a song like L3o’s Blue Skies: P.T.L.L.” you get a major emotive sound you feel in every way.


His sonic captivating delivery has been perfected over the years since he began making music in 2015. Projects such as “latency” provide a point of view many upcoming artists can relate to: letting go to achieve something greater. Artistically, the album brings together genres of pop and soul making the perfect marriage of a timeless track.

L3o works best on Electro-pop, and International pop.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/L3oSire/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4Fc6RN4VoMperR99hfBov5?si=yw2qhZIOTGGX9BtvYmA2XQ


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