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Mini Sants is an artist with an upbringing rooted in surf/skate/snow culture in various coastal communities of California (San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles) Aric Christopher aka MIRAMAR, has been directly plugged into the fluxing micro and macro subculture scenes of life and music
since youth.

While there are many layers to this entrepreneurial spirit’s personal and
professional endeavors, music productions have always been a creative constant.

MIRAMAR’s brand hones in on his restless nomadic nature, and often times
hedonistic pursuit of the pleasures derived from movement, travel, and adventure.
Hence, the direct translation of “Miramar meaning “to observe the ocean”, could not be more aptly appointed to him. Much of this wayfarer’s time is consumed hunting down waves around the world, where he feels most alive surfing in remote locales. From experiences as such (but not limited to), MIRAMAR’s inspiration for his music is born.


MIRAMAR’s recent shows include direct support slots at Outside Lands Music Festival ‘21, Audio (SF), Elsewhere (Brooklyn), and local shows on the west side of LA’s hip venues. With several forthcoming releases slotted for release in 2022, rest assured that the future will shine bright with indie house anthems dropping from this cool hunter for ages to come.

Mini Sants works best on Chill out, Disco, House music, and Nu-disco.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minisants/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6v2Jn8Kn4md9A6M7fWYfhl?si=VWIgCjHzSrGr00VJdz-HUQ

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