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OMGCOLLECTIVE is Chris Fosh, an artist based in the United Kingdom.  OMGCOLLECTIVE is a singer/songwriter who runs a small independent label that collaborate with different artists.

They are called Omg Collective, and this is their first single from a selection of songs they plan to release over the next year. The music is eclectic, different styles, feel, genres, they do not want limit ourselves to just one style of music. They are ready to share it globally and hope you will enjoy this first single that will make you want to dance too.

Nothing lights up the world like a bright sound. A vibrant record that shines in its feel-good energy to make the people fall in love with music, as well as enjoy life more because of the special work the music does. Everyone can enjoy a song that feels good to hear and it’s impossible to not enjoy this new song from OMGCOLLECTIVE called “Love Comes Once In Your Life”.

Needing no introduction into their scene, club stalwart and vocalist for hits
such as Livin' Joy's Dreamer and David Morales' production for “There Must Be
Love”, JANICE ROBINSON is poised to once more sizzle their dance floors via her
new single, LOVE COMES ONCE IN YOUR LIFE (OMG). The infectious melody,
written by Chris Fosh, aka OMG COLLECTIVE, has been produced by Dave
Aude' with Mr. Audacious, Dj Flipside and DJ Strobe contributing their remixing
talent to the song.

OMGCOLLECTIVE works best on Dance music, Dance pop, House music, R&B, Singer songwriter Catchy, Contemporary, Creative, Dancing, Energetic, Fusion, Good vibes, Meaningful lyrics, Mainstream, Melodic, Romantic, Upbeat, Available on Spotify, Composer, On stage experience, International potential, Supported artist, Unsigned artist, Upcoming project.


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/7gvOwRlRtW92HtCy0c2mXq?si=bdNDr873St2mPbDHRxCYTA&utm_source=copy-link

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