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Ozer is an artist based in San Francisco, USA. Ozer has been nurturing his lyrical gift since the age of six, when he first began using music as his sanctum from the challenges of life. His initial connection to hip hop music became real when he was introduced to J.Cole’s music and the way he tapped into his execution and flow.

“As he started to get older he started getting into more underground artists such as J.
Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Nipsey Hussle, that’s when the actual words started to inspire me.” The potential of obtaining J. Cole's, Kendrick Lamar’s, and other hip hop artist’s success became a part of his reality has his artistic journey evolved.

After years of cultivating his craft as an emcee, and persevering through the travails of life, Ozer has evolved into a formidable force. Recently just releasing his highly anticipated 2nd album, Lost In Translation, Ozer has proven that he is equipped with an impeccable gift of extracting from the quintessence of life, transforming into a prolific composer, and penetrating one's conscience with truth and eloquence that rivals the legends. Literature and entertainer, life is his stage, and music is his recourse to invoke, and arouse the sleeping and deprived. Ozer has mastered the power of words and uses his words as a lyrical canvas to sketch out the realities of life in song.



Paradise” is about a person who is distraught and heartbroken, looking for a way to overcome her pain by not only trying to find a new fling to take her to “Paradise”, but also by abusing different substances. Though the track has a deeper meaning beneath the surface, the vigorous bass, enthralling guitar, and spacey vocals come together to make a fun, upbeat, melodic track that you can dance to.

Paradise” is the first song that Ozer has expressed his singing voice and it is not the last. Ozer is looking to release a summer EP along with two other tracks where is flexes his vocals. Fun, energetic, and raw lyrics. It’s a fresh blend of all the worlds that
Ozer has created for his fans. Look out for the new EP this summer 2022.

Ozer works best on Chill hip-hop, Funk, Hip-hop, International rap, Pop soul, Soul Authentic, Chill, Creative, Eclectic, Indie, Meaningful lyrics, Melodic, Upbeat, Available on Spotify, On stage experience, Strong social media presence, Supported artist, Upcoming project.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ozersf/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3J0qyBq8miao9sTXOlAkWp?si=y9nCpRjXReaoHlQIL5r23g

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