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Pi-ZZO P  is an artist and very creative individual whose passion for becoming a major industrial brand to wear it seeks at the top of the top platform where it’s just a lifestyle culture. He put his everything into his career and got all the way straight 100 percent in the journey. He represent New Ro! An artist from the 914 Westchester born and raised out of New Rochelle New York.

Past Tense” is a song, like many other Pizzo P songs that capture melodic trap in a New York sound. This specific beat allows Pizzo to flow through the verses all while still delivering his same Rap tone. Past Tense” is also a single that shows just one of Pizzo’s very versatile writing styles. The upcoming tape will better showcase his many talents. His old fans will be able to appreciate the growth in all his upcoming music, this single included.

His new fans will be able to appreciate a fresh new sound and get to grow with him as well. This summer he’ll be dropping a few new projects with a variety of different sounds over a variety of beats. He has a different songs for all different people who enjoy all different sounds. The following tapes that he’s producing won’t be like any of the previous tapes. With all the added growth as an artist, Pizzo P is destined to go far and this summer might just be his time to shine.

As a passionate writer and song maker, he always wants to give his listeners the best he can. Pizzo is a very talented and committed artist. Along with his records, Pizzo gives his fans artwork in music videos so be sure to always check his YouTube channel as
well and stay up to date with all the upcoming drops.

Pi-ZZO P works best on Chill hip-hop, Grime, Hip-hop, Rap in English, Soul, Trap Authentic, Catchy, Creative, Groovy, Melodic, Original, Available on Spotify, On stage experience, International potential, Unsigned artist, Upcoming project


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Pizzoo00/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5akV1lFCj73Knhg1ps2yn2?si=oosXu8S5TwmXzjoBg6QnFA


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