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Queency is an artist based in Perth, Australia. Queency is a singer-songwriter originally from Reunion Island. Testaments to his tropical roots and infectious passion, Queency’s compositions, and live performances can be sweet or sour, deep or light, soft or energetic. All share the same commonality though: they come from the soul and speak to the soul, generating a range of emotions within anyone listening with their heart.

No stranger to the Perth music scene, Queency is also known as Quentin Thony — the
frontman of Soukouss Internationale — whose vocal abilities and natural talent for
stage performance have highly contributed to setting many Perth gigs on fire over the
last few years.

 CLICK HERE TO STREAM: Forbidden Fruit

While “Forbidden Fruit” may refer to a lost paradise for some, it has a much juicer meaning for its creator. Combining, almost mystically, suave vocals to a devilishly
enticing melody, singer-songwriter Queency gives, with his latest release, a lesson in
raw sensuality. Paying homage to our earthiest pleasures, “Forbidden Fruit” tastes
like a moonlight tryst under the big night sky.

An intimate escape to irresistibly greener pastures. A sin. A dream. A sweet, sweet version of hell.

Queency works best on Funk, Pop soul, R&B, and Soul.


Instagram: https://instagram.com/queencymusic

Spotify:   https://open.spotify.com/artist/0RS9qY7cgPkfQblu4F3eBX?si=3b8BwK1kS-KM3CAKuUOjhA



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