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Siloh is a 25 year old Singer / Songwriter from Nice, France. She wrote her first song on guitar at the age of 10 and never stopped since. Her sexy and slightly broken voice brings us in a universe full of honest lyrics and images inspired from her emotions and life situations.

In 2014 Siloh moved to Australia before settling in London for a few years, where she dived into the local UK Garage, 2-step, and UK Rap / Hip Hop scene, which also inspired her to switch from English to French in her songs.

In 2015, Siloh met the British Trio The Manor with who she collaborated on many singles and albums under her real name, Emma Benitah. Together they perform on huge scenes such as the KOKO and the O2 in London.

Siloh was determined to follow her dreams and to build her solo career, she meets the talented Composer / Producer Fausto Maccario aka Tofaus in 2020 with who she develops a completely new catalog of songs and sounds throughout the year, getting ready to release many songs in 2021.

After releasing her first single "Ephemere", she released her 2nd Single "Rewind" followed by "Plus Haut". Siloh started off 2022 by dropping "Bad Picking", the first single of her upcoming EP. Shortly after, she released "Sans Moi", the second and last single before the release of her debut EP.

"Bad Picking" is the 1st Single of her 1st EP which dropped Friday June 10th. It is a super happy / dance-tempo summer vibe song strongly influenced by UK Garage/2-step drum patterns over a pop format production sung in French & English. She has been looking forward to have your feedback and hope you have enjoy it.

Siloh works best on International pop, Nouvelle scene, Pop soul, French rap, R&B, Soul


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iam_siloh/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2a1fEAgfQm8HkLzUSxHosS?si=AkGy-7dESS-EomRwM875vg

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