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Simone Eversdijk is an artist based in Netherland, a soulful, pop and R&B influenced singer/songwriter, who combines her deep, soulful vocals with a sharp pop sense. Rising as a background singer and songwriter for several Dutch artists, Breda-born pop singer Simone made her way from the studio to the main stage in 2018.

In 2018, she became a very unreal year for Simone, starting from her first solo performance to 3 well-received single releases. Starting with her cover of “Ik Mis je zo”, soon followed by her own written “Leef” and her feel-good Christmas single “Het is geen kerstmis zonder jou” with was declared the Christmas single of the year on several Dutch media.

CLICK HERE TO STREAM: Never Stop Dreaming

Simone Eversdijk releases her new track “Never Stop Dreaming”, after het award winning cover of Avicci’s ‘Wake Me Up’, she comes with her own written piece, sending out her message of positivity. Because we all need some positivity so much right now.


Simone Eversdijk wishes to share her short story in the following manner. “After struggling with illness for many years, I want to share my story and share the daily
inspiration, to just keep on going, keep your head up high and mostly believe in yourself. Enjoy your life to the fullest, even if it are just little moments. Strive to get better, keep on dreaming and do everything within your power to chase your dreams. In the end you will get there step by step”.


Simone Eversdijk affirms that we all have our ups and downs in life, she hopes to share with all her listeners to always stay positive, and with your mind on to it, you can reach all you want and live the life YOU love people! What others may think of that doesn’t matter, it’s your life and only yours to live it like you want to! Reach for your own Rainbow in the sky!

Simone manages to instill the feeling that anyone listening can truly accomplish anything with both the right mindset and the desire to push themselves toward a better place, just keep dreaming and live the life you love.

With a clear aim of striking both a feeling of empowerment and positivity in her listeners, Simone Eversdijk's uplifting pop number "Never Stop Dreaming" combines a powerful and commanding lead vocal performance with spirited lyrics, a rousing sense of rhythmic drive, and strong melodic hooks to deliver a track that has the simple desire to inspire its audience, and she believes it accomplishes this very well indeed.

Simone Eversdijk works best on International pop and Pop soul.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simone_eversdijk

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/58IJUakYRmEoHx0BJ2yi57?si=X-gkMpiZSPCUoF8d5dPoaw

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