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Slick Da Sniper is an artist based in the United States. His music is based on his life experiences, growing up in Brooklyn, NY, Brownsville (M.G.V. Projects), where any day can be your last. He considers his flow as real Hip Hop.

Slick Da Sniper is a Lyricist, not a Rapper. The name Slick Da Sniper comes from "one shot, one kill". Go in the studio, put the beat on, and body it - It's a done deal!

No other genre of music embodies camaraderie like Hip Hop. A genre that started off with posse’s linking up to see who has superior skills they let their words fly in a real way. Some of the most legendary records have come from artists coming together and just tearing a track down to get the culture excited about the music that’s coming to life. With a new track like “Good Over Here” from Slick Da Sniper, you get a record that’s impossible not to marvel at.

Slick Da Sniper works best on Hip-hop, Rap in English, Trap Available on Spotify, Composer, On stage experience, International potential, and Unsigned artist.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/slickdasniper/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2Lq4Jlt8sciPlkWzDJUnSD?si=WN9GfA3dQ1aanLAmvAXuMg



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