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_Telemaque_ is an artist based in the South of France, Pierre makes us discover through _telemaque_ a sensitive and energetic pop that he tries to bring back to the essential.

_Telemaque_works in between songwriting and beat-making. Guitarist and composer since his childhood, his influences are multiple. Folk, indie rock, hip hop, jazz, contemporary classical, and electronica seem to coexist in his compositions.

From the start of his career, at the beginning of the 2000s, he had been asked as a co-composer, co-author or arranger on Jen h Ka's 3 albums. _Telemaque_ was leading SiLDD at the same time: an experimental electronica project, with which he produced 4 albums, including one recorded live.

_Telemaque_ also played his repertoire specially rearranged for concerts between Paris and the South of France in several formations: electro-rock, acoustic, cello guitar duo, rock trio… He spent several years refining his approach to composition, arrangements and his guitar playing. With his first EP in June, he makes us discover an intimate universe to which he lends his voice. A taste of the album he recorded in 2021.

_Telemaque_ lets his smooth vocals and slick writing fly on his new song “Your liquid smile”. His undeniable presence shines immediately, as the swagger in his approach resonates to make you get invested early. Once he grabs you in you get to enjoy, the strong lyrics that have the same boisterous energy of Pops, but are matched with soulful vocals to being the perfect storm of must-hear music for us all to enjoy.

_Telemaque_ works best on Alternative rock, Indie folk, Indie pop, Indie rock, and Singer-songwriter.


 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_telemaque_/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/31U1A1hWcPU9QSFiXtZ91S?si=nULd53cMRvKbVZZiWrzykw


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