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TheManWithNone is an artist and a beginner bedroom producer who likes to create music that brings joy, makes people smile, moves their feet, and touches their hearts. He says he is "digging for pearls in the ocean of samples and bringing them together" to create nice catchy music based on hip-hop and jazz sounds. His name comes from the  Dead Can Dance song how fortunate The Man With None.

TheManWithNone just stepped into the world of music production and has promised to create many songs to gather as much feedback as he can to improve his music and skills.


TheManWithNone’s first single came out and it’s his first release ever. He’s a 43-year-old bedroom producer from Europe and Hungary. He is determined to produce his musical skills for the world with this debut. He feels hes lucky because he can create tracks based on samples he accurately selected and processed without any musical equipment. Love Is All I Gotshows what he wants to achieve: surround old-style musical sounds with modern hip-hop and electronic elements.

As he describes his work: I’m digging for pearls in the ocean of samples, I bring them up and put them together to let them shine.

TheManWithNone works best on Beats, Chill hip-hop, Chill out, Electro swing, Hip-hop, Holiday music, Lofi bedroom, Pop soul, R&B Catchy, Chill, Dancing, Downbeat, Good vibes, Groovy, Lo-fi, Melodic, Relax, Romantic, Sensual, Tropical, Available on Spotify, Composer, Upcoming project, Young talents.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tmwnsounds/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4PutNdg1juuSG2vB4s0jqB?si=TJVNnSTERGSiWF9HRpzmMQ


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