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Train Conductor is an artist based in the United States. This is a psychedelic-tinged project sprouting from the high desert environs of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Train has taken on a number of forms and lineups over the years, with contributions from members of the Gatherers, BALLETS, Dulce Base, Canyonlands, and Holy Glories.

At its core, it remains the brainchild of Will Byrne. Byrne left high school in Philadelphia and made his way west, bringing with him a love of science and a passion for making weird music. That passion birthed Train Conductor, which has seen a number of lineups over the past decade, though Byrne has remained a constant.


This is a song about a microphone. If there is anything where confidence shines through the most, it is definitely music. That energy to the music makes you feel the swagger of the artist, as they deliver to the fullest. When you hear that undeniable touch to the music, you buy into the artistry because they believe in their art, to the point that you do too, and that’s what you get from Train Conductor on his new infectious smash “Microphone”.


The band delves into synth-heavy production with an experimental edge to its overall production, leveraging analog and digital workflows to shape its sound. Byrne and his collaborators innovate even further in their recording locations: Where Sound Meets Space and Warm Adobe Brain were recorded in a 1970s-era solar grow house in Sandia Park on a Tascam.

Train Conductor’s project is Philly transplant, Will Byrne, who writes about his psychedelic journey in the land of enchantment. New Mexico is the land of enchantment and he is the main member of the band. The member lineup varies often.

Train Conductor counts a wide range of acts among its influences, though Suuns, Moon Duo, Dead Skeletons, Yo La Tengo, and Apples in Stereo rank high among those. Likewise, the band has shared the stage with a number of other acts, including Oh Sees, Frankie, and the Witch Fingers.

Train Conductor works best on Ambient, Chill out, Dance music, Dream pop, Electronic rock, Experimental electronic, Experimental rock, Garage rock, Indie folk, Indie pop, Indie rock, Psychedelic rock, Rock & roll, Synthwave Authentic, Catchy, Creative, Dancing, Dark, Experimental, Good vibes, Unique, Dreamy, Psych, Relax, Available on Spotify, International potential, Unsigned artist.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trncndctr/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/14aBZyBwHTxZnR8w7FsXe6?si=tVO-dIvWRZSW0g8hM1GX9g

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