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Azella is a versatile artist, singer, author, dancer, actress who lived mainly between Brussels and Paris, born between the two cities, in Lille, without ever having lived there, her early childhood will be lived in Mexico and the United States.

Azella grew up marked by many stays in Bali in Indonesia, her childhood filled with travel will determine a large part of her personality and will be a source of creative inspiration in the writing of her songs.

Her artistic career and her professional experience began very young, at the age of ten Azella’s experiences as a classical dancer her first major scenes in a ballet company "Stanlowa" at Salle Pleyel, Paris, as an actress in the cinema. in a film by Claude Pinoteau, she also works in an agency as a child model and continues her lessons in a school with flexible hours at the school for children in entertainment, Paris 5th.

Faced with a career as a young artist all traced out, a family upheaval arises and she sees herself having to leave her school at the age of 14 during the school year to leave again to spare in Brussels, she will have to put her passion for dance and music aside and devote herself to her education by returning to the European School where she will obtain a bilingual French and English baccalaureate, which will constitute a major asset for her future career which will be marked by many trips abroad.

Passionate about music, with an eclectic taste, the desire to write and perform her own songs pushes her to collaborate with composers. Azella forms her first Latino soul hip hop group “Trybez” with a composer, and musician Paulo Goude with whom she gets in touch.

The group was signed by Chris Black Well in 2008 and the three singers of the group of which Azella was a part went on tour In the U.K and in Europe in memorable venues such as Round House in London, the Grand Rex in Paris, the AB in Brussels , the Montreux Jazz Festival in the first part of the iconic artist Grace Jones who will become the grandmother of her daughter: Athena Goude to whom she will give birth a month before leaving for these thrilling tours, which she will have the joy of being able to carry some under his arm.

Collaboration is always something great to witness, especially in music. some of the best records of our time have come from artists coming together with their own respective styles, to make one undeniable body of work that shakes up the culture. On this new collaboration between Azella and others so you get a track “You got a soul, slowdown” that can’t be denied in its pursuit to make a must hear music.

It is still only a few months later that another event comes to interrupt the course of her destiny where she sees her group separate. Azella decided to go back to live in Brussels for the third time in her life and calmly devote herself to her motherhood, to help her positively in this process she starts yoga and goes back to India to do a training and starts teaching it.

Always in love with music, she meets a young rapper composer from Brussels SD White, whose exceptional creativity she immediately notices, she will sing in his group, the collaboration is immediately edifying, their first stage shared together is a competition for which he sees himself winning the prize and wins a springboard: "the festival of the agitated of the mixture".

While the project is put aside, Azella is itchy with the desire to express herself and to make her solo album, SD offers her to write about her electro compositions, she writes a first title which will be called "Tears falling from my heart” the title thrills them in such a way that they make a dance clip and inspires them to create an electro album under the name of Azella.

The album is written in the state of mind of an inner journey, an introspection in feeling of the various experiences lived during his life of travel in a style exploring the varied palettes of electro with a new wave touch.

The spirit and the voice are aerial with the desire to share an explosion of positive energy, such is the goal and the desire of the solo artist in the making.

Azella works best on Dance music, Dub, Electronica, Electro-pop, Hip-hop, Reggae, Urban pop Catchy, Chill, Creative, Dancing, Energetic, Good vibes, Groovy, Unique, Original, Positive, Relax, Sensual, On stage experience, Unsigned artist, Upcoming project


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hey_its_azella/

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