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Brent Mathews is an artist and a (revived) songwriter based in Atlanta, GA. Brent Mathews has been playing music and writing songs for over 20 years but only recently (2020) did he quit his corporate gig to pursue this career full time.

Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Brent spent his early years in various bands (58 Days, The Crowding Out Effect) before pursuing music as a solo artist. 

On a whim in 2006, he submitted a one-take single titled “On the Inside” to a Universal Records/MTV contest seeking new artists. Released under his solo artist pseudonym Rhymes With Orange , the track quickly caught the attention of A&R reps and was selected to compete for a developmental recording contract and music video production. At the end of the campaign, Brent finished as a top 5 national finalist - and the only remaining solo artist - in their quest to sign new talent.

Today, Brent is back to releasing music under his name (RIP Rhymes with Orange) in a purposeful quest to create cinematic melodies behind thoughtful lyrics. 

After a hiatus in the corporate 9-5 grind, meeting/marrying his wife Kaitlin, and starting a family, Brent was drawn back to his passion of songwriting in 2020. With nothing more than a unsettled dream and the support of his wife and kids, Brent quit his corporate job and commuted back and forth to Nashville to record his debut EP. The result was a 7 track collection, Reverie, which has amassed over 200,000 streams since its release on September 10, 2021 without any formal marketing support.

For Brent, Reverie was not destination, but instead the beginning of his journey back into the music business as a songwriter and musician.

 Brent Mathews really needs help finding his audience for the following reasons:

1. His Sound: Brent Mathews is in the arena of Indie Pop; He mixes elements of atmosphere with acoustic instrumentation and he loves cinematic energy in a song. Lyrics/songwriting/organic vocal performance is what he’d consider his strengths.

2. His Approach: Brent Mathews has had some success, capturing the attention of Universal Records and MTV in 2006 before he jumped ship and went into the business world to support his family. He felt drawn to get back to his passion for songwriting and music in 2020; to date, his exposure has been totally “bootstrapped” and organic; now he is really trying to diversify his time to gain exposure. He had promised never to turn down an opportunity!

3. His Request: He need help to navigate the current music business web, ultimately to help his music find the RIGHT ears. He is less concerned about broadcasting this out broadly; He would like to put the song in front of people who dig the vibe and could be life-long supporters.


At the moment, he is grateful that he didn’t “make it” back then. Now, there is a lot more maturing life, and stories ahead of him that he needed to experience. Over the years, he had shared a few songs here and there with some family and friends. With their recent encouragement, he decided now is the right time to turn all of these into a more focused pursuit.

Brent Mathews works best on Indie folk, Indie pop, Pop rock, Singer-songwriter Authentic, Catchy, Chill, Creative, Indie, Meaningful lyrics, Melancholic, Melodic, Original, Romantic, Simple, Available on Spotify, Composer, Early project, On stage experience, Unsigned artist


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Brentmathewsmusic/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1JQOGSnJt8N2iMpfDsGVKW?si=J6XOYDxfQ2aBeazarqLYAA


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