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Cabrallis is a Brazilian artist, and singer-songwriter with wild dreams! He is presenting this project as the story of his life. The album tells stories about his personal discoveries that we often go through in our lives.

Cabrallis managed to extract and express the most basic and sensitive feelings that a human being can go through. But he left a criticism at the end for all human beings: what have you discovered today?


With an international proposal, Cabrallis album is the result of a Brazilian artist that knew how to transform things under a mask of a lifetime. This is how Cabrallis was born, an extremely personal project by the artist Giovanna Cabral, who transformed the period of confinement arising from the pandemic into a process of musical experimentation of an intimate review of its place in the world.

Thus, it is not by chance that Cabrallis is this character to emerge masked in the midst of an insatiable urbanity, this place that gives us so much and takes so much from us. With the face engulfed by the steampunk image of an armored beak and dark lenses hiding her eyes, the artist highlights the effect of personas (masks) in the act of living, reminding us of the importance of thinking about who we really are and how or what we design for others.

Cabrallis is a part of me. A way of me present as an artist to the world. A life project indeed. He feels that every time that he sing or write a song, he is conveying a message that is very bigger than just him. So he can't define himself as this character, but with all certainty is a big part of him. Maybe it's the best part of him, where he came from to do here”, says the artist who has just released the album entitled Cabrallis.

Musically, Giovanna Cabral does not shy away from ambition. On the contrary, it assumes values ​​boldness, something rare in the arts today. Without abandoning the Brazilianness that naturally accompanies it, this true Masked Singer seeks to engage the industry Brazilian musical in an international guise and, therefore, representative of an era that becomes increasingly global. That said, it doesn't sound strange to say that your work finds links with artists from the most different spheres: from the visual concept capable of echoing the Leonardo Da Vinci's engineering drawings and the Polish painter's dystopian surrealism Zdzisław Beksiński, to the manifestation of narrative personas that seem to have in Björk a distant relative.


Project of a lifetime, Cabrallis, both album and character, which in fact seem to be inseparable, feeds on one of the greatest forces known: counting a story. “He hope you enjoy the evolution of this character, this alter ego that is finally blossoming after a lot of personal back and forth with music. And this album of his life, which is a shared part of his life stories between the lines.”

Cabrallis works best on Chill out, Funk, Indie pop, International pop Authentic, Creative, Curious, Dark, Available on Spotify, International potential, Young talents


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cabrallis.br/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/69IN7fxSBkc0Tk3iKtVaLN


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