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ET is an incredibly talented artist who grew up in CT USA. Not only do they have a superlative passion for music, they also convey important messages embedded in every song.

ET and Yung Xiim are both independent artists based in CT, USA. They are cousins who both took an early interest in music together. Inspired by early 2010 hip-hop/rap sounds like Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and later on the rap group Rae Sremmurd, ET, and Yung Xiim developed their own unique styles. Another major artist that later heavily inspired the duo was Juice WRLD when he came to the scene in 2018. They took these inspirations and decided to experiment with their own sound. Starting from Garage-Band IOS, ET & Yung Xiim learned how to use their environment and past experiences to master their craft and create their own lyrical flows and melodies in their songs

ET & Yung Xiim have been making music for about 5 years now. The pair continue to
motivate each other to push their music to give the fans content they want. The duo’s main objective is to allow the listener to escape whatever life complications they face and be able to let go and enjoy themselves with others. Music has always brought people closer together so they feel it’s important to involve their fans as much as possible. The two can guarantee there is a lot more music in the works and on its way.

With hip/hop being a major adoration for ET, their creativity has no boundaries. They also explore rap which has encouraged them to be expressive in delving into lament melodies. ET has an array of powerful artists who heavily influenced their childhood such as: Sean Kingston, Rae Shremmurd, The Weeknd, and Juice WRLD.

Having these positive influences has led to ET having a versatile style of music, which allows them to venture out to a more alternative approach to hip-hop as well. Starting as a hobby with their cousin, ET began experimenting with sounds and created music with as little as their Xbox headset.


Both artists ET & Yung Xiim has created “GOLD” TRACK LIST & MEANING. Gold has a total of six songs that go in the following order:
1. Believed In
3. It is what it is
4. Hero
5. Rockin’ like this
6. Wow

Each song on the EP not only touches the feeling of being super rated but also uses the past experiences of the artists that have created them who they are today. The purpose of this EP is to shed light on Underground artists and how important it is to not give up on your dreams of pursuing music. Independent artists face so many obstacles that it can feel overwhelming. However, if you “believe in” your music 100%, show it off like it’s GOLD because you will receive the recognition you deserve if you keep going. The world deserves to hear.

Their experience conducting extensive research so far as allowed them to grow and learn so much more about music which has manifested a lifelong passion. Having researched the world of music, ET has unlocked the potential to keep growing and now has a deeper understanding and respect for the culture.

ET continues to drop music and grow as an artist each day. They are super grateful for their support system and fans. "When fans listen to me, whether that be in concert or not, the goal is to allow them to escape whatever problems they currently face and let go just for the moment." -ET

ET & Yung Xiim have been featured in many popular blogs including Illustrate Magazine, Plastic Magazine, 24 Hip-Hop, Music Arena GH, Honk Magazine, & TJPL news. This collaborative EP will be the first ever for the duo and it’s coming off of their single, “MOVE” which is also on this project. Before that, they had a hit song titled, “Harder” back in 2020 which has racked up about 10k streams on SoundCloud and 30k streams on Spotify.

ET works best on Chill hip-hop, Hip-hop Catchy, Chill, Good vibes, Available on Spotify, Unsigned artists, & Young talents.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reede2225/

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/2QLHZTm3OyQz5oK0meRrGF?si=z3zRtg_FSbq8-s-SMG13Tw

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