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Itgo is an artist based in France. Itgo was originally from Grenoble, Itgo has always been immersed in music: he explored most styles: rock, pop, hard rock, funk… then electro. 1st slap, like many with Daft Punk, he mainly explores deep house, house and electro chill.

Attracted by these fixed rhythms, the possibilities of being able to do many things thanks to technology, electro immediately made him want to be composed. Not really a pre-established style, only the emotion of the song counts for him, hoping that as many people as possible will share his vibe.

After a few titles released on various Electro Chill labels, and more than 400,000 plays in the 1st year, Itgo has just released “Make Me Feel”, an Electro Pop title with an EDM influence. Because only emotion counts, Itgo does not put up a barrier on a preset musical style.

Itgo works best on Dance music, Deep house, Electronica, French house, House music


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itgo.music/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2mHrzRZdyMEwCLd9cfxClk?si=e85cf59f6bc54976


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