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 Organic Mood
is an artist based in Ukraine, born in Ukraine, and now living in Moscow, Organic Mood is an electronic music producer adept at creating free-flowing smooth house music, with emphasis on the everlasting organic feeling.

Organic Mood got what is best described as a timeless sound that bridges earthly, close-to-soul tribal elements with echoing colorful outer-space soundscapes. So far he’s got 2 singles out – the eastern-sounding and shimmery “Midnight” laced with sweet percussion, and “Fields“, the sound of this blog post. He is adding this new release “Inner Peace


Feeling tired? Organic Mood advice - take a trip out of the everyday world and feel free from all that’s mundane. Organic Mood and his new song “Inner Peace” is a certainly mood enhancers, a fact that’s been further proven by high placement in Beatport’s deep house chart.

Float down the river in search of inner peace...Hope you enjoy my new work with originally recorded afghan rubab sound..

Organic Mood works best on Deep house, Electronica, House music Authentic, Chill, Creative, Indie, Melodic, Dreamy, Available on Spotify, & Unsigned artists.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/omoodmusic/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/62ucDYhjm8ea5wAm4dcVzU?si=5952da7d43224b11


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