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Son Savage is a brave artist and the brainchild of Dubai-based Lebanese music producer, songwriter, and performing artist Charbel Ghanime (fka Belime). He has co-written with the likes of Gosta Hulden (Helena Paparizou), Jeffery David (Echosmith), Thomas Stengaard (The Baseballs), and has performed at several venues including the NRJ Music Tour in 2015 alongside names such as Redfoo, Kadebostany, and Lost Frequencies. Ghanime debuted the Son Savage project in August 2021, with the debut single “TheRiver”. The River would go on to become the highest charting non-Arabic song by a MENA artist on Anghami (peaking at #4 on the Top Anghami Charts ahead of the likes of Hussein al Jasmi and Amr Diab).

Just Keep Dancing” comes on strong from the very first uplifting chords, fun synth hits and cowbell and doesn’t let up until the final breakdown. As Son Savage AKA Dubai-based Lebanese producer Charbel Ghanime says, the track is about just being you. “At a time in the world when people are being judged for who they love, how they
pray or what color skin they have, “Just Keep Dancing” serves as an anthem that
celebrates people in all their differences and quirks.” Son Savage has history when it comes to radio-friendly pop hits.

Son Savage’s 2021 smash ‘The River’ saw him battle it out in the charts with the likes of Amr Diab and Al Jasmi. Over the course of a month, he reached dozens of high-profile playlists across the region, was placed on global playlists by Spotify, Apple Music and Anghami and hit well over a million streams across all platforms.

And on new release “Just Keep Dancing” he’s doubling up that radio-friendly approach as he’s teamed up with Lebanese hit-maker/music producer Sleiman Damien who’s previously worked with Carole Samaha, Haifa Wehbe and Assi Hallani.

Son Savage have been a big fan of Sleiman since he met him around 6 years ago. We’ve always admired each other’s work and have always listened to and learned from each other. In a recent trip to Dubai, he was showing Sleiman some projects he was working
on and “Just Keep Dancing” struck a chord with him. The rest is history!

The results are a three-minute burst of serotonin and sunshine, designed to put a smile on your face and get your feet dancing. Which is exactly what good pop music is supposed to do. As Son Savage fans will know, his music videos are just as fun and inventive as his music. There was the laugh-out-loud story telling on The River, the straight-jacketed yet lurid ‘Love Therapy’ and the brilliant 8-bit video for Superglue. Fans will be pleased to hear that Bilal Houssami, who previously shot the video for The River, returns to direct the video for “Just Keep Dancing”.

“The video is a fun visual trip that shows a new side of my art. After songwriting and
aesthetics in ‘The River’, acting and directing in ‘Love Therapy’, and gaming in
‘Superglue’, the music video for ‘Just Keep Dancing’ features a number of dance
choreographies with a fun and colorful cast. The video shows that just like hate, love
and dance can also be infectious.”

Son Savage works best on Funk, Indie pop, International pop, Pop rock, Singer songwriter, Soul Catchy, Creative, Eccentric, Eclectic, Groovy, Meaningful lyrics, Mainstream, Original, Romantic, Upbeat, Available on Spotify, Composer, Early project, On stage experience, International potential, Strong social media presence, & Unsigned artist.


Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/sonsvvvge/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6gOnI1Hgg7i7xnmoWHqfpG?si=XOYGOv8MSjqPVkLHddO7zA

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