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Stutter is an artist based in Paris, France. Stutter is a passionate artist who rap in English. Influenced by artists such as T.I. J.Cole or Nipsey Hussle.


Stutter gives importance to his writing. Passing on messages or simply rapping his experiences in a unique way. Especially on catchy, melodious, and effective sounds that can be very varied in style but also thanks to his humor which he combines with his live performances that makes it almost a "one-man musical show". His first EP "Stutter Island" released in 2019 is a kind of the first introduction to what he can do with several genres like rap, trap and R&B.

In 2019, Stutter Island, Stutter's 1st EP is composed of 7 titles, it is available on all download platforms. It's a project that we call a "visiting card" where we can discover for the first time his musical universe. From "T.W.I.T.A" to "Money Power Respect" Stutter covers topics such as love, money, and or even power.


In 2020, the year 2020 was rich in single releases despite the covid, Stutter released 4 new strong titles: "Show me what you got", "You", "Next to You" and "Attitude". We discover a more mature artist in his sounds who knew use this dead time to develop fun singles to listen to.

In 2021, as in 2020, Stutter did not skip the studio sessions and therefore returns with 4 new titles "Dirty", "The Line", "Move Ya Head" and "Crush". We can say of him that he is an artist who does not stay idle by delivering to its public quality music and this very regularly. All the world can find their way around with these 4 singles whose themes are different while immersed in the unique world of Stutter.

In 2022, Stutter returns with a new single "All Mine" in feat with singer Edwin. This title exudes a very "summer" atmosphere or you can easily imagine yourself behind the wheel of your car on the heights of Los Angeles. In 2022 Stutter is preparing an EP and several music videos which will push him to the top of the poster.

Stutter works best on Hip-hop, Rap in English, R&B, & Trap.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kidstutter/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0hxGQp6YboFvBnNFemLA4P?si=oQSME2dvT9WN1pdUBXRdJA


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