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Xeon Burgiele is an elegant artist based in Switzerland.  Xeon Burgiele is really a songwriter and record producer. Genre-hopping between hip-hop, R&B & experimental.

Releasing his debut instrumental EP ‘Init’ in October 2020, he has just released a new 5-tracks EP: “Xoul” that incorporates soulful singers in his own world.

The Xeon Burgiele’s music video illustrates the first track of the EP, “Xoul”, immerses us in our deepest thoughts. Long and parallel neon lights are trying to show us the right direction, but we stay lost in this world where hesitation is perpetual and regrets are constant.

We keep going in circles, and we refuse to follow the light that could change our lives.
Despite a positive beginning that encourages us to be confident, follow our instincts, and move forward.

The next tracks become darker, through different themes, such as excess, addiction, violence, and disillusion until the final track ‘Coeur Core’. The perfect antonym of “Xoul”. The fatality of infinite failure.


The term «blood» is present throughout the EP, illustrated by a black and chromed liquid on the cover, it represents the human fuel that is consumed by all the psychological injuries. At a certain point, the tank is empty, and we’re just a body without a soul.

Xeon Burgiele works best on Hip-hop, R&B Dark, Experimental, Melancholic, Weird, Composer, & Unsigned artist.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xeon_burgiele/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7f3fsHosZbd650rKq1LaE3


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