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Zariyah Natalya is an elegant artist based in the United States and originates from the city of Hampton, Virginia. She began her musical journey with a soulful yet alternative form of R&B.

The necessity for experimenting with versatility in the genre of R&B is vital to her artistry. Zariyah Natalya released her first debut in 2017 as a teenager with her single “Too Much Has Changed” produced by Nelson Leiro.

The entire creative collection of her musical career is song written solely by Za’Riyah alone. She travels to a Manhattan, New York studio to get her songs professionally Engineered. This studio which has several platinum and grammy winning artist who’s musical projects derived from there.

Following Zariyah Natalya’s first single, the release of her first ever EP “Transparency” came in 2020. The project embodies her true R&B core to allow listeners to dive deep into the influences of the 90s like Sade, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Musiq Soulchild, among others.

Producers like J-Luxx, Timothy Infinite, Nelson Leiro, and Tony Sway contributed to the vision of creating a movie like experience of her project. Za’Riyah aims to have a creative and passionate outlook that invites the reality of her experiences and observations of others stories. Za’Riyah’s latest project “Endangered” features production by Brokeboy, Nelson Leiro, and Masked Man. Every track on this 2022 release gives a little something different really bringing the alternative to R&B.

So, “Repeat” is an alternative smooth chill with a strong message track, up for anyone to take on what they want the lyrics to mean. Zariyah Natalya’s entire EP takes on a different approach to R&B. Half & Half is upbeat with a Caribbean vibe. That’s Life is Upbeat as well but on an alternative Pop, R&B feel. Check out all of the songs on “Endangered” the EP to see which song fits your visions the most.

Endangered - Zariyah Natalya’s 5 Song EP. Consist of a poetic heavenly soulful take on R&B. While remaining with a different alternative approach to her dynamic. Not settling for just one genre base.

While the track Repeat has strong influences of 90s RnB. It creates a cinematic
atmosphere with heavy instruments. Creating a dark chill mood, while remaining sensual in tune. The lyrics are also on the deeper side of things, open to the listeners take on the meaning to sonically connect to her artistry in their own way. Za’Riyah allows many variations within some of her vocal abilities to shine through on repeat while moving effortlessly alongside the beat.

Seamlessly adding layering in new elements as well. Endangered the Ep, truly adds many additions to versatility. Zariyah allows her artistry to reach new levels with this project. Noteworthy mentions like her track “That’s Life” which is upbeat fun R&B/Pop track still filled with meaningful lyrics but in a fierce take. Zariyah’s track “Half & Half” fits more of a Caribbean appeal since the artist has family from Trinidad, the song allows her to pay homage to her family while giving us something to dance to with an R&B/Reggaeton feel. The entirety of her project gives us something new and exciting to look forward to and not knowing what to expect next!

Zariyah Natalya works best on Indie pop, Pop soul, R&B, Reggae, Soul, Urban pop Chill, Dark, Eccentric, Energetic, Experimental, Good vibes, Groovy, Unique, Indie, Lo-fi, Melodic, Dreamy, Original, Positive, Relax, Romantic, Sensual, Tropical, Underground, Upbeat, Available on Spotify, Early project, On stage experience, Strong social media presence, Unsigned artist, & Young talents.


 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zariyahnatalya/

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/6ZQDdVUt7a4PGWEkAiZRbh?si=JuJpnAaYQzGuiLYXYCXsQQ



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