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Connie Lansberg is a singer-songwriter based in Australia and a published author who collaborates with brilliant jazz musicians. Her unique artistry is found in the freshness and variety of her original works, her natural talent as a storyteller, and her ability to hold an audience’s rapt attention.

The chemistry she ignites in her band adds another alluring spark to her performances. Themed around secrets, heartache, dreams and the buzz of the unknown, Connie Lansberg’s compositions are intimate and uplifting. As is her trademark, these songs are all about the stories they tell and the characters they shed light on.

This Australian jazz singer Connie Lansberg showcases these two areas of her creative
output this November, with the release of the album "Deep Dark Down & Blue",
alongside a novel of the same name.

Through Connie’s poignant lyrics and intelligent vocals, she taps into both the rawness of loss and the transformation of new beginnings. Born out of her musical roots in classical church music, country, and folk, the music has been brilliantly produced by Connie and arranged for a jazz quartet.

Deep Dark Down & Bluegracefully walks that fine line between accessibility and
sophistication, jazz, and pop, resulting in an album that mixes crystalline melodies with
richly emotive sentiments.

Connie Lansberg works around Indie folk, Modern jazz, & Singer songwriter.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/connielansberg_te/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4qLq0MatI5KT1xG49JK84A


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