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Damanithesun is an artist based in Denver, Colorado. Damanithesun creates his music artistic in a melodious, creative, and unique style of delivery and emotional and energized lyricism. 

He incorporated a lot of styles into my music but has a unique voice, mixed with the modern melodic vocals and hook lines, and some tracks add the pop-punk style that’s missing from most mainstream or known artists that stood out in acts like Juice World, mac Miller, and more!


The Lost Tapes features 3 different tracks, “Fake Love”, and Love or Sin are more punk focused with hints of melodic rap and heavy vocal motions. The third track, Cursed, is an emo rap track considerable to Li Peep and Juice World. In this project, Damanthesun shows off his vocals, his unique tone, and sound that is unmatched by other artists today and shows off his unique individuality. 

It’s a nice breath of fresh air from his 13 other released songs, but they all are just as good. Go stream his “The Lost Tapes EP” now on all platforms and let us know what track is your favorite.

Damanithesun works around Chill hip-hop, Hip-hop, Pop rock, Rap in English, Trap Authentic, Creative, Melodic, Original, Available on Spotify, On stage experience, Unsigned artists, & Young talents.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/damanithesun1/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3bxfoVnARXp1QOgyAoKsc3?si=CzqKDB3PSh2n0dTsxtjmpg




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