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KENS are vibrant artists and dedicated band based in Israel. KENS’s band group is very unique and self-styled in their music.

After 3 years of shows and studio time, KENS launched their album “Contact 123”. They are a young-Israeli-Japan-based band – Three musical worlds blending into a unique whole, combining influences ranging from catchy pop melodies via adventurous jazz improvisations, funky grooves, and progressive elements Guitar: Kai Livermore Bass: Eli Orr Drums: Noam Arbel.

Music always has a way of grabbing you when you feel the soul in it. When you have that special connection with the audio, as well as the group of persons behind it as they give their all to the music in a way, that makes you feel them, as well as relate to them. That approach is what makes people lifetime fans of an artist and KENS shines in that and so much more on their new sound “The Visitor”.

The Visitor” is a special song we couldn't really fit in one genre. It started out as a song our bassist wrote on an acoustic guitar and later blossomed into a full band and horns arrangement with an epic drum solo as the finale. The track goes through different musical and emotional spaces, giving the listener the experience of a guest inside a magical world of sounds and rhythms.

Listen carefully and you will be persuaded to support them.

KENS works best on Experimental jazz, Jazz fusion, Modern jazz, & Progressive rock.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kens.trio/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2TwBPU3cHkWRA8QhdO5nvq?si=8je31TMATyiB_v23naDAkA



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