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Topaz Jack is a new and promising artist from Colorado with a unique sound that blends rap, jazz, and elements of pop and indie rock into his music.

 Topaz Jack’s real name is Deven Lohani and he is a 17 year old artist from Denver, Colorado with plans on becoming the biggest thing in all of music.

His album 'Concept Art' will have been released on August 19th with features from Colorado rappers Y$D Bepo and more.

Topaz Jack’s first song “A flawed imagination” is off his upcoming album 'Concept Art' releasing august 19th. He is surely trying to bring a unique view to music as a whole.

Topaz Jack works best on Chill hip-hop Authentic, Catchy, Chill, Creative, Experimental, Fusion, Groovy, Lo-fi, Melodic, Dreamy, Captivating, Available on Spotify, Composer, Early project, International potential, Unsigned artist, Upcoming project, & Young talents.


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3Y0tGLU0qXZSt3ohVPMV71?si=4XY0prsBTtS3Ie6HXarHLQ&utm_source=copy-link

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