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Bantunani is an artist, writer, composer, singer, and producer based in France.

Bantunani is a composer, singer and producer, More than music, Bantunani offers his own electro afro-funk style based on heavy bass, Funky and wyse lyrics that describe our deep feelings and the world state. The man is also a great live entertainer who had recorded more than 12 albums.

With 15 new hottest electro-funk, soûl and goovy tracks Bantunani's is more than ever a part in the music industry, his music is original and deep. Being a part of Cosmogony with more than 72 radios on rotation. Incredible single. It's a great style. It's very energetic and engaged. It's very melodic and melancholy. It touches deeply. It's quite ambitious. It gets the crowd moving.

That's wonderful THE BEST Many times announced, Bantunani will finally deliver his long-awaited album Cosmogony on September 9, and to do this, the afro-funk star, presents the eponymous title, “I am Somebody” (Cosmogony) with a distinguished guest featuring Jesse Jackson.

Flagship title of the Cosmogony album like its first success Next Generation, "Somebody" opens the way to communicative and humanistic energy, integrating the historical speech of Reverend Jesse Jackson "I am somedbody". With a certain Gospel flight, the chorus carries the crowds towards a happy cosmogony. This title alone contains the philosophy of the album Cosmogony "I am because others are, each being carries a part of the universe interconnected by a mystical force."

Bantunani works around Chill out, Electro swing, Funk, & Soul.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bantunanimusic/

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/0ctGzhgXv88AlDh5rPylcO?si=8p1SE-llQkSyUJGAI_xqow


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