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Frank Black is an artist based in the USA. Frank Black’s song is about how complicated and confusing relations can get with age. The song is a storyline.

Holistically, one of the best sounds to hear is a synth sound. That brought an exciting element that creates a world around the listener that they can get lost in, as they explore the special sound that you hope never ends. Those songs always make for a great listen, and a great listen is what you get from this new incredible record from Frank Black called “Supposed To Be”.

Frank Black works around Afrobeat, Chill hip-hop, Chill out, Hip-hop, Minimal, Rap in English, Trap-Authentic, Creative, Dark, Good vibes, Meaningful lyrics, Original, and Surprising.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6xhyCt81qIUv2wSsjz6ktq?si=or7Svr1CQ56trlRvSoKoTw

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