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JANOB is a Chill hip-hop artist based in the USA while doing this song. This song kicks off his new release cycle of one song a week in September. The song is self-produced, written, recorded, and performed. JANOB created this song while in New York for the summer working on a lyric write-up.


A record truly stands out. Especially when it gives you everything. Being able to enjoy a sound that blends genres, as well as gives you mastery in the vocals and writing to bring a full picture of music to life like no other. When you get to hear one of these special classes of songs, it’s truly a joy that makes you fall in love with the creativity behind the sound. That special sound is what you get from JANOB on the new song “Ripchord”. 

JANOB works around Chill hip-hop, Electro-pop, Hip-hop, Progressive pop Contemporary, Creative, Good vibes, Melodic, Available on Spotify, Composer, International potential, Unsigned artist, & Young talents.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Janobmusic/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2vPPuXXg6vdIa0JItfQ7nJ?si=9The4slgT1yqDqSUWpOGyA


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