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Julien Daïan Quintet is an artist based in France and is of many colors in music. Loose-cannon French composer, producer, saxophonist, label maverick, festival instigator, and haphazard Jazz aesthete Julien Daian, is always in step, in tune with the moment, yet tirelessly, recklessly cutting his way ahead. Since the turn of the millennium, he’s honed his talents on whatever has passed and drew deep on each genre and influence he touched.

Straight out of nowhere, in 2005 he formed the Julien Daian Quintet (JDQ), and his mastery of turbulence created French Paradox and Behind the Reef, two ground-breaking albums of Jazz themes suffused with the late-night swagger of New York Hip Hop, teased with electronic beats, primordial rhythms and the stateless ethnic vibrations of musicians seeking always elsewhere for the roots of their own sound.

All in beautiful collision with the chemical/organic/good times influences of experience. Turning corners no one knew existed, pushing boundaries not often tested, and becoming a radical agitator in the French Jazz scene as matter of course.

And now, in 2021, after countless side projects, comes the latest Julien Daïan Quintet JDQ album CUT-UP. A million ideas were scratched down on the back of beer mats and metro tickets. Dreamed of in speeding cars, one night sofas and ramshackle trains, at late-night bars and red-eyed dawns.

“End Working” by Julien Daïan Quintet is a sweet and straight Jazz Pop groove that smiles from beginning to end, a composition of bright simplicity that speaks of a life less complicated, of easy times and good weather, of a million happy faces and living beyond the grind.

Still invigorating but no longer so young, troublemaker of French Jazz, Julien Daïan is a jack-of-all-trades who has been surveying the French-speaking musical landscape since the 2000s. A dedicated saxophonist, he created his own group without premeditation in 2005: the Julien Daïan Quintet. The band gives life to 3 albums of undisputed Jazz, mixed with electronic music that goes to bed late, selective New York-inspired hip-hop, and the stateless ethnic vibration of these musicians who always seek their roots elsewhere.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliendaianquintet/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1sbU4PhV0rilFBoBUcGMqa?si=VNp6MthoQsmBb31hJihxeQ


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