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Obi Alfred is carrying the torch of classic R&B for a new generation.  Born in New Jersey and raised in Texas, the Nigerian-American’s distinctive style pays tribute to the legends of the genre while pushing into bold, modern territory. 

Now, with the most compelling music of his young career, Obi Alfred is establishing himself as one of the most vital new voices in R&B.   Growing up in Houston, Obi Alfred always dreamt of a career in music, but it wasn’t until he began attending college in San Francisco that he began to take those ambitions seriously. 

Processing a painful break-up and adjusting to a new life halfway across the country, he found solace in music as he began pouring his emotions into his songs.  Working with acclaimed vocal coach Tom McKinney, he embraced his inimitable voice and began making his first home recordings.  

In the ensuing years, Obi Alfred’s artistry evolved rapidly.  Working relentlessly to embody the best elements of R&B, he emerged in 2022 with a collection of songs showcasing his authenticity and emotional depth. 

This is special music that is sure to make a meaningful impact on listeners around the world.   Obi Alfred and his team of collaborators are committed to inspiring audiences and creating a better world through music.  They are fully dedicated to their art and look forward to embracing their dreams.  With a steady schedule of releases scheduled for the coming years, Obi Alfred is poised to leave a lasting legacy in the ever-changing world of R&B.

The track “Mind” colors in the nuances of falling head over heels for that special someone – it’s deep, sensual, and with all the necessary ingredients to land a spot on the musical map for R&B. Obi Alfred’s debut single offers a vivid snapshot into the mind of an artist with a defined vision, and larger-than-life dreams. Titled “Mind”, the track is imbued with deeply sensual vibes that pull from the sonic world of R&B and is contrasted against strong Pop sensibilities that add a fresh dynamism to the genre.

Obi Alfred works around Hip-hop, Pop soul, R&B, Catchy, Engaged, Unique, Intense, Dreamy, Psych, and Romantic, Available on Spotify.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/obialfredx/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2iN3LTCRu2q2kJtm6OgAn3?si=17kNGz7ETHq2KyFgK3_6PA

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