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Pierre de Frebourg is from Lorraine (North East region of France close to the German border), born in Metz in 1965, where he learned music at the local Music school. His father was a steel engineer, and his mother played the organ at the temple and passed on the musical ear to him.

Music theory and piano, up to the age of fourteen, before replaying the Beatles by ear. With high school friends, he composed and played in a rock group in the Lyon region, and also jazz-rock near St Chamond in the Loire in the 1980s.

Arrived in Paris, one evening in 1991, he discovered a wine bar where you could also listen to jazz musicians, just opposite his studio... There was a piano lying around in a corner on a platform, facing the guests seated. Waiter as an extra, Pierre played the piano for nine months after his service in the dining room, resuming French composers Gainsbourg and Jonasz, as well as bossa-nova before beginning a long parenthesis of thirty years of musical abstinence during which his professional life let him away from the piano.

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Pierre de Frebourg styles: Jazz, funk, "pop music" all "homemade" in my home studio. His references: Serge Gainsbourg, Michel Jonasz, William Sheller, Alain Bashung, Bernard Lavilliers, Eddy Mitchell and Dutronc father and son.

His masters: The Beatles, Lalo Schifrin, Michel Legrand, François de Roubaix, and so many jazzmen with magnificent standards! His favorites nowadays : Feu! Chatterton, l'Impératrice, Ben Mazué, Anne Sila.

Pierre de Frebourg works around Blues, Bossa nova, Funk, Pop rock, Pop soul, Rock & roll, French variety Dancing, Offset, Engaged, Groovy, & Unsigned artist.


Instagram: https://instagram.com/pdefrebourg

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/6oGqggYYWcMdy5iq5coDiU



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