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Spiky’s real name is (Christine Malvasio) and founder/CEO of Diamond Distro. It comprises of Diamond Distro Publishing, Diamond Distro Records, Diamond Distro Management, and Diamond Distro Studios.

For Spiky, it all started to “spin” for her in 2009 – and has ever since propelled upward with rocket speed, all the way to multi-Platinum status. A GOLD and DOUBLE PLATINUM award-winning publisher and named 2014 BMI’s Writer of the Year.

With her “natural ear for talent”, she sources, develops & works personally with handpicked artists. They not only have to be great performers but must also know who they are as an artist with the ability to compose their lyrics.

Assuring the message within the music delivered is true to the artist’s inner self and brand. Her worldwide network allows for international collaborations resulting in a fusion final product of new sounds and vibes put out under the Diamond Distro Record label.

Spiky Style” is providing the music industry with high-quality released singles of artists belonging to the independent artist communities working together with the industry professionals creating and releasing fresh-sounding music the listeners connect with. Diamond Distro’s vision and values mandate all artists go through a structured developmental and coaching program that enhances their inner artistically-given gifts resulting in a well-rounded artist to present to other music industry leaders. 


“Diamond DIstro” and “Spiky” are one Brand. “Everyone on my roster and leadership team must be experienced, mature, self-directed, professional, focused, and a spiritual human being. They most pose a strong internal passion and drive in all areas of the industry. The Diamond DIstro brand must always deliver a quality product through a team of educators, leaders, and worldwide trendsetters who stay ahead of the sound and style bringing it to the world, “ FIRST”. The single will be titled “Same Time". This song is produced and written by Grammy-winning producer, JonFX and Platinum award-winning songwriter, Azriel Reckley created undeniable lyrics and production.  

All who are part of the Diamond Distro team understand what it takes to reach “Super Star Level” and as a team, we also create a unique brand that can immediately be recognized by all. We guarantee our talent will represent the same solid brand allowing for faster mainstream integration into the bigger player’s processes who dominate the music business today.

Diamond Distro has several artists, writers and producers signed to them. Publishing: Knucklehead, producer/composer of the DOUBLE PLATINUM SINGLE “I Luv This Shit”; Azriel Reckley, PLATIUM song writer, Kevin Gates “I Love it”. To name a few. Diamond Distro is not a traditional, full-service music entertainment and management company.

It’s dedicated to a mission that Spiky insists is adhered to: “We develop talented, real, artists that can jump into a well-earned leadership role delivering high-quality music to their fans and industry decision-makers each and every time, with speed, quality, and professionalism”. Spiky and her team’s hands-on coaching enables Diamond Distro to deliver unparalleled quality music worldwide and fast.

Which is one of the key factors to making in the world of music today. Spiky does it "Spike’s Way” – managing her empire with great passion & dedication. Her nontraditional business model delivers a consistent quality output every time.

Her leadership abilities and 20 years of corporate experience accelerate output and lower overall costs. Spiky has traveled the world personally and professionally, cultivating solid relationships in a myriad of industries. The Spiky way is seen by this team as the only way to produce a product that can be deemed worldly and respected by all.

Spiky works around Dance music, Dance-pop, Urban pop Curious, Dancing, Fusion, Good vibes, Mainstream, Positive, Sensual, Tropical, Captivating, Upbeat, Available on Spotify, Composer, International potential, Strong social media presence, Supported artist, & Unsigned artist.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spikyimin/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5XVlvlIGLB8sHvzYXrm9Xo?si=gJGNKfc4R9y5qmjUf2Ct8w


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