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Vinyl-State is the stage name for Joran and he is a versatile artist based in Netherlands. In 2020 he started writing music concepts and is now slowly developing them into songs.

Some of these songs are now on Spotify, while the other part is yet to be released. Because he has a lot of inspiration, his goal is to release 100 songs, all written as homemade in the home studio. Making this studio was also a big problem, building it really soundproof took me a lot of time. So yes, making music is a lot of work, but fortunately a great learning experience.

As for the styles of music, it ranges from soft ballads to hard rock and every style in between. He just creates whatever comes to mind. When enough songs are released, then, he will try to group them into appropriate album genres so that it becomes a fun listening experience based on your favorite style.

CLICK HERE TO STREAM:  Ticking Days (Remix Noaves)

Vinyl-State’s “Ticking Days” is a record that you can get lost in the magic of being a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter. His top song is “Ticking Days”. It’s music that you can play and enjoy without limits, with a sound that is beyond the subjectivity of music in a real way. If you love good music, then you will enjoy the innovative approach that gets better with every second that passes by.

Vinyl-State works around Dance music Authentic, Chill, Creative, Dancing, Experimental, Good vibes, Unique, Indie, Melancholic, Dreamy, Available on Spotify, International potential, Unsigned artist, Upcoming project.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vinylstate2020/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7kOzVk9Ifz6saHRp9ZofaR

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